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What Our Clients Say

In evaluating legal search firms, it helps to know what others think.  At Rose Legal Search, our reputation is of paramount importance to us, and the only way to safeguard our reputation to get it right, every time. If you would like to be put in touch directly with an employer or candidate reference, just ask.  Here are some unsolicited comments that our clients have shared with us:


I want you to know, seriously, how great you have been.  Your little words of encouragement, and willingness to talk with me frankly, were invaluable.  Also, the time and personal attention -- including sending me my writing samples so I could use them for this position -- are so appreciated.  You are a really great person.
Senior Insurance Litigation Associate


I enjoy working with you. You always have something intelligent going on that won't waste my time. Your eyes are focused on your candidates and the client, with nothing too crazy or ever manipulative going. Thanks.
Lateral Attorney Recruitment Manager for a prominent DC-Based Firm