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Our Methodology

Rose Legal Search does not leave achieving great results to chance. We rely upon a well-developed, proven methodology to ensure consistently superior results. Our search methodology includes the following steps:

  1. We Conduct a Detailed Two-Way Conversation.

    From the outset, we encourage strong communication. For client employers, the best way to begin a search assignment is to meet face-to-face and discuss not only the specifics of the search to be done, but also information on the broader organization, including strategic goals, culture, and structure. Special emphasis is placed on identifying the required key skills and other candidate characteristics necessary for success. This groundwork ensures a focused and effective search.

    Our initial consultations with attorney candidates are often simple calls to get acquainted and to explore whether we can provide help or advice in a particular situation. From there, we proceed to more detailed discussions about interests, concerns, and goals. Personal meetings are extremely helpful to this information gathering and initial assessment process.

  2. We Prepare a Detailed Search or Marketing Summary.

    Rose Legal Search condenses all the information gained at the client and candidate meetings, along with information collected from other sources, into a comprehensive Job Order (for the employer client) or Marketing Strategy (for the individual attorney) which specifies all information relevant to the position offered or sought. This document will guide all later search efforts, so we invite clients and marketing candidates to review it before further steps are taken.

  3. Research, Research, and More Research.

    For the employer client, we diligently explore numerous sources of information from both publicly available and proprietary sources to identify all potential candidates. We develop a comprehensive list of relevant target companies and firms where candidates can be found and we routinely update this list as the search progresses. A key difference between Rose Legal Search and other recruiting firms is that we go out and look for candidates!  We don’t merely present candidates who we know to be looking for a new job or who may respond to an advertisement. It’s been our experience that the best candidates are not looking for a job at the time that we first contact them.

    For the individual attorney, we utilize our broad network of contacts to identify and create potential opportunities. We don’t merely send out resumes to a handful of jobs that may currently be available. We reach out to the leaders of the relevant practice area to generate ideas for potential opportunities.

  4. We Present Information Objectively and Without Pressure.

    When we talk to potential candidates, we do so as our client’s representative and realize that attracting the best candidates requires that we present opportunities in an honest, straightforward, intelligent and confidential manner. Part of this approach involves prescreening to discern key skills and other qualifications at an early stage so that non-viable candidates will not be pursued. Whenever feasible, we meet with candidates in person to perform our own assessment, and can also conduct face-to-face screening interviews on behalf of our clients.

    For our marketing candidates, we spend the time necessary to make sure that the candidate understands the pros and cons of each position. In addition to providing the standard information such as salary, benefits and job description, we offer inside knowledge that comes from having placed candidates into numerous law departments. Our professional contacts are our greatest asset.

  5. We Prioritize and Validate.

    In a retained search situation, we study all the information gathered and prepare individual detailed reports on leading candidates that comprehensively set forth their strengths and weaknesses in relation to the desired competencies and characteristics and in relation to the other candidates. A shortlist of finalist candidates is presented to the client and we assist in setting up interviews. If desired by the client, we check the professional references and credentials of preferred candidates after obtaining the candidates’ permission. In addition to our internal reference and credential checks, we will engage an outside, independent firm specializing in pre-employment background reports to conduct selected checks.

    In a contingency search situation, we identify the best qualified candidate(s) for a position and prepare a succinct cover letter highlighting their experience and proactively addressing questions that we feel might arise based upon a review of the candidate’s resume and transcript. We submit only qualified candidates.

    For our marketing candidates, we narrow the list of possible jobs down to positions we believe are best for the candidate. We understand that disclosure of a job search to a current employer can create unnecessary risk. Accordingly, we never send out a resume without express prior authorization. We are adept at fashioning additional safeguards as required to ensure utmost discretion. With authorization, we present the candidate.

  6. We Ease the Process.

    Once an interview is scheduled, Rose Legal Search will assist with logistics and also help the attorney to prepare. We highlight strengths and identify weaknesses from each party’s perspective. We keep the process moving, but are never pushy.

    It is important that employers and candidates come to an informed decision. We candidly disclose facts relevant to each side’s evaluation. It is our goal to make the best possible fit for both applicant and employer.

    Once an employer decides to make an offer of employment, we help employers to create attractive compensation and benefit packages and assist negotiating of the offer with the selected candidate. We offer candidates comparative information to assist their evaluation and negotiation of compensation and benefit packages and facilitate other tasks, like conflict clearance. We are also able to assist employer clients with the conflict-clearing process, if desired.

  7. We Follow Through.

    We stay in touch with the client and selected candidate at regular intervals to ensure an effective transition into the organization.